• Sina Shaari

    Musician & Composer

Short Biography

Sina Shaari was born 1989 in Tehran. Growing up in a musical family and listening to music from early childhood on, especially the Persian classical music, made him start to play the Tombak at the age of 6.

He began to learn the classical guitar at the age of 8 and started playing the oud at 13. Besides having the chance of a constant supervision by his father Massoud Shaari, he was supported along his early career by musicians like Keyvan Mirhadi, Arjang Kamkar, Bijan Kamkar, Farzad Daneshmand, Babak Amini, Kamran Omid, Emad Bonakdar.

Sina Shaari moved to Austria at the age of 17 to continue his studies at the music high school in Graz and to study the classical Guitar at the conservatory of Graz with Johann Palier.

In 2008 and 2009 he won the first prize of the Austrian music competition Prima la Musica in the fields Classical Guitar Solo and Guitar Quartet.

After graduating from high school and conservatory of Graz with honors he entered the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, where he completed his concert guitar studies with Martin Mysliveček and Lukasz Kuropaczewski and attended additional Master Classes with Paolo Pegoraro, Hugo Fernando González Zurita, Stefan Fuchs, Raphaella Smits and others.

Sina also had the opportunity to carry on research for his thesis about the theory and the practice of the Classical Persian Music at the Institute of Ethnomusicology of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Among others Sina Shaari is currently a teacher for the classical and electric guitar at the central music school of Jennersdorf and has appeared in several recordings, productions and albums including his own compositions like Rohab or Niavaran. He has played in several concerts and productions at various international festivals such as:

Graz World Music Festival;
Jazzfest Wien;
Fajr International Music Festival, Tehran;
Music Islands, Karviná;
Gitarrenfestival Seckau;
folk.art, Graz
Jazz Ahead, Bremen;
Murton, Graz;
Night of Percussion, Ossiach;
Jazzwerkstatt, Graz;
Trieste Loves Jazz Festival;
Steirisches Kammermusikfestival, Graz;
Jazz in der Altstadt. Salzburg;
Leibnitz Jazz Festival;
Persian Music Nights, Madrid;
Beyond the Words, Stuttgart;
Murszene, Graz.


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